How to Use Microsoft Office for Free


Microsoft Office continues the pioneer role in office applications. Though, there have some good Microsoft Office alternative available but nothing really comes close to it.

If you want to buy Microsoft Office subscriptions or Office suits, it will cut a lot money from your Pocket. Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 for single user PC costs $229 one-time purchase and Office 365 Personal subscription will cost you $69.99 yearly.

If you don’t want to empty your wallet, you can try these methods to use Microsoft Office for free!

Use Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office Online offers a free access to their browser based versions of the latest Office suite. It includes : Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Sway, Mail, People, Calendar, OneDrive and


The online version of Office only provide a limited office functionality and does not include Text boxes, WordArt, Equations, Charts and more. But you can write a paper, note, report, spreadsheets etc.

Free versions will allow you to open own files, editing and lastly you can keep these documents in the cloud and happily reach the files whenever wherever you want at any devices.

Microsoft Office Mobile

Office Mobile is a similar experience to Office Online. As like the online version, in Microsoft Office Mobile you can create, open and edit document, spreadsheet and presentations on the go.


Using Office Mobile may be a bit frustrating in a traditional mobile form factor but in a larger screen like tablet, it could be enjoyable. You can download Office Mobile from your favorite apps store Android. and iOS user find Microsoft Corporation Store page. Android 4.4 users and before can download the Office package and Android 4.4 later users should down Office Mobile apps separately. Windows Phone comes with this Office suite built-in already.

Try Office 365 for a Month

Office 2016 made a lot of changes in the suite. If you don’t familiar with this new version of Office applications, you may want to give a Try 30 days Office 365 for free.


When your 30 days trial period comes to an end, you can do two things, either you buy Microsoft Office license or subscribtion or give another try! Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus will give you another 30 days trial and access to the fully functional Office applications just like before.

Ask Employer or School Authority

We have covered free options to use Microsoft Office with some limitations. But you have still another option to get full versions of Microsoft Office 2016 completely.

If you are giving service to a company, you will need to ask your employer to get Office. Company pays the license fee for their employees to work with Office Applications seamlessly.

Microsoft has a large scale of supported schools with free Office 365 Education packages. If you are student, simply ask your authority directly. Home page 728x90

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